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How We Can Help You

We offer hands-on Pet CPR & First Aid classes, for both dogs & cats. We provide services to the Greater St. Louis area.

The PetTech ® courses were created specifically to educate pet parents and professionals and fill the gap between home care maintenance and emergency care in the field, prior to veterinary care, when necessary. We teach people what they can do in the event of a medical emergency. The programs are designed to complement veterinary care and save precious time when seconds count.

About the Instructors


Carol Dog CPR Training

Carol has been teaching pet first aid since 2006. She joined PetTech as an instructor in 2017. PetTech is the first international training company dedicated to CPR, First Aid, and Care for dogs and cats. Through a mixture of lecture, PowerPoint presentation, and hands-on skill practice she will teach you how to care for your pets in emergency situations.

Kevin has been working in the pet care industry since 2004, and has been the operations manager for Westinn Kennels for the majority of that time. He became a PetTech Instructor in 2018 and a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in 2017.

Kevin Dog CPR Training

Pet CPR & First Aid Class

Canine and feline CPR (3 different techniques), rescue breathing, choking management, knowing and assessing your pet’s vitals, bleeding protocols, insect bites/ stings, snake bites, seizure management, poison protocols, heat and cold injuries, shock management, muzzling and restraining techniques, snout to tail assessment, what to carry in your pet’s first aid kit, and more.

This class is approx. 4-5 hours long. Each student will receive a handbook at the beginning of the class and a certificate upon completion.

PetSaver™ Course

This course covers everything from the Pet CPR & First Aid Class *PLUS* dental health and hygiene and caring for your senior pet-izens. In the senior pet segment, we cover topics such as nutritional needs and changes, lifestyle changes for the comfort of senior pets, veterinary care and geriatric screening, and much more.

This class is approx. 8 hours long. We will take breaks during and can take a lunch break if the class wishes to. Each student will receive a handbook at the beginning of the class and a certificate upon completion.


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